LiveOnlineEvents is one of the most experienced full-service hybrid event agencies of Europe. Seriously good content. Interactive and meaningful. Sustainabally designed for future-focused clients.

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LiveOnlineEvents (LOE) Team

More experienced with livestreaming & online events then anyone else

Since our start in 2009, we partnered with more than 385 different customers. That is a very diverse clientele of corporates, associations and public authorities; from the Netherlands, all over Europe and far beyond.

When we look back at all those projects, we see 6 important reasons why they choose to work with LiveOnlineEvents:

Better knowledge sharing, education and interaction

Creating content is expensive so you better make the most of it. By using the same content in as many ways as possible before, during and after your meeting, you ensure better knowledge sharing and education. We love make content interactive, because interaction leads to reflection, which leads to insight. Effective knowledge sharing ensures that the content of your congress or event will last for many years.

More interaction and connections in your community

Give your participants the tools to interact with your congress or event. Smart apps for asking questions to speakers, playing a quiz or to connect with each other. Not only during the meeting but also before and after. Not only with the attendees, but also through a live connection with other locations.

New revenue models for your congress, event or association

Sponsors are constantly looking for innovative ways of collaboration. The content that LiveOnlineEvents creates for you offers all kinds of innovative opportunities for new sponsoring, e-learning (webinars, podcasts, video) and advertising revenues.

More participants at your next congress or event

More participants when you make content available online? Yes! On the one hand because your content and brand will reach audiences; on the other hand, because we help you better promote your conference or event beforehand and stretch your event with seriously good and easily shared content afterwards.

Reach new target audiences

Because you make the content of your conference or event available online for “everyone” you reach new target audiences. For example, focus on younger people or older people, potential customers or new employees, people in other countries who are unable or unwilling to travel or people who are not yet members of your association.

Make your conference or event more sustainable

You can easily make your conference or event more sustainable when people do not have to travel to get serious, good content. Our goal: fewer live meetings but better ones. Face-2-face when you have to, online when you can. We also make the content of your conference or event sustainable and reusable for the future.


Livestream & Online events

We have a lot of experience with reliable and safe live streams. Easily increase your reach via a live stream on your website,  YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or bespoke CDN. Make it an unforgettable dynamic and interactive live broadcast by adding an online host, interaction moments and live connection to other locations.

Online hosts & moderators

Hosting a live stream and moderating interaction for an online audience is a unique skill. Make people feel welcome, even though they are scattered all over the world. The founders of LiveOnlineEvents have invented that profession in the Netherlands and can do that like no other. Experienced, smart, sparkling and multilingual.

Webinars & E-learning

An interactive webinar to get people excited about the theme of your next congress or event? Or the possibility of looking back and / or listening to the substantive sessions of a conference into the distant future? We have extensive experience in guiding scientists and other experts in the recording of online education. Also in the form of live ‘Just Ask’ sessions.

Online video & vlogs

Video is the language of the internet. Youtube is now the most important search engine. So make sure your target group can find you there too. With beautiful professional videos and a strong substantive message? Or rather fast, informal, yet business-like “vlogs”? We come up with the concept and the content with you, arrange the recording and editing and optimize the distribution.

Podcast series

Podcasts are more popular than ever. The benefits and enjoyment of radio, but wherever and whenever you want. A very intimate medium with which you literally and figuratively crawl “in the head” of your target group. Because of the recurring rhythm you create an ever larger and more loyal audience. They are keen to be there, once your “big day” is there.

Social Media Reporters

Seriously good social media content is a “need to have”. We are probably the most experienced social media event reporters (since 2009!) Out there. We help you choose the right channels, appropriate content planning, catchy texts and customized images. If you want, we can put together a broad content team with live photography, scientific texts, vlogs, and video crew.


These three values are essential in our approach to congress and event projects:

We quickly acquire subject matter knowledge

We regularly hear the comment: “Are you also a physiotherapist / chemist / dentist / hydraulic engineer / doctor / online marketer / veterinary surgeon etc?” We are very proud of that, and no, we are not. But we are naturally very curious and genuinely interested. We quickly acquire our new knowledge and make smart use of experts.

We are proactive and take care of things

We like to make things easy for our clients. That is necessary if you have a background in live events, conference organization and marketing. With our many years of experience, we know which steps to take, both internally and externally. We make it a sport to answer your questions before you ask them!

We are fun people to work with

We find this value so important that we have even made it a goal within our team. We radiate that in our projects and in collaboration with customers.  You’ll find no arrogant, stubborn office people in our crew, but an active team that quickly adapts to your culture.

LiveOnlineEvents wins two international Event Webcasting Awards

LiveOnlineEvents received, together with our clients, no less than two awards, at the 18th Associations World Congress in Berlin. The award for Beste Event Webcasting was for ESOMAR (Global Association for Market, Social and Opinion Research). The Special Award was won by ESOT (European Society for Organ Transplantation).

In partnership with both clients, LiveOnlineEvents designed and produced an online TV channel, live from their conference, with a very interactive second screen. In both cases, sponsors are now cueing up to be part of the next edition!

Since 2009, we generated for our clients


online event projects


minutes video


online participants




reach on social media

LiveOnlineEvents works for


Client event or product introduction?
Multiply your reach with an interactive online broadcast and social media. Generate leads, tap into new markets and strengthen the engagement of your customers. Internal communication? Involve employees much quicker and better through online interaction.


More value out of your meetings?
With live conference reports you involve those who cannot make it this year and recruit new participants for your next event. Want to increase membership value? Support your community with a truly interactive platform to share knowledge and experiences.

Public authorities

Increase public support and engagement?
Reach and involve more stakeholders with a level of online interaction that suits them: from watching a live-stream to an online brainstorm. Share knowledge, ask questions, participate in discussions and be in the heart of your community. Let’s activate their brainpower!

Clients about working with LiveOnlineEvents

At first I did not exactly know what to expect, but there was so much positive energy! It brought people closer together, which fits perfectly with the core values of our brand.

Just to say how much I enjoyed working with you. The team was great, comparable with anything I have met on various live television networks in the past but remaining calm and delightful to deal with, at all times despite deadlines.

Thank you so much for helping to make our annual Congress a leader in our market! It was a fantastic experience.

Great persons to work with fast, smart and highly-engaging. LOE made our internal live event a real succes.

Compliments for you and your team. The entire social media process ended with a great social media report. Yesterday both with #siacongres as #raakaward trending topic.