ICCA Covid-19 worldwide webinar

When the Corona crisis broke out, the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) immediately set about helping its members. But how do you do that if you cannot travel? We designed a program in which international experts came together in a live stream to discuss crisis communication, legal aspects of possible online solutions and to answer questions from members who participated from all over the world.

Small studio with remote speakers

The crisis also offers opportunities: the ICCA office in Amsterdam was almost empty and we could use the conference room as a studio. Everything we needed was there: A big screen to talk to, excellent internet and good coffee ☕. From that office we connected with speakers in Italy, America and Australia and streamed the conversation to Facebook and our own streaming platform. The big advantage of having your own streaming platform is that you can also reach China with it and that is not possible with the major social networks.

BIG CONGRATULATION tot the yesterday ICCA webinar! Truly this was my first gripping webinar where I didn’t get bored ;o)

Elena Alexandrová – AIM Group International

Client: International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA)

Location: ICCA Headoffice, Amsterdam

Live Online TV Broadcast
Facebook livestream
Online Hosts & Moderators
Online Meeting Design

Budget: € 7,000 – €12,000

Impact: 3,300 participants in 81 countries, >350 online questions