About LiveOnlineEvents

About LiveOnlineEvents
LiveOnLineEvents is a Dutch communication agency, with a large international footprint, specialised in live and online events. We are the first agency in Europe that focusses on engaging online participants at live events, so called hybrid events, since as early as 2009. Varying from an interactive online TV broadcast to an online video: we design, direct, produce, moderate and present. Moreover we support our clients with the promotion and marketing communication before, during and after their events. To be able to offer all these services, we work with a permanent team of experienced specialists in the desired areas of expertise needed for a job.

The mission of LiveOnlineEvents
We strongly believe that we make the world a better place when we help event organisers share their valuable content with a larger audience. By doing so, the latest insights about relevant social and business issues will end up earlier at the desk of game changers, influencers and decision makers. They don’t have to re-invent the wheel. And more progress can be achieved in areas such as sustainability, disruptive technologies and innovation.

Vision of LiveOnlineEvents
We increase the impact and reach of events by allowing our clients to engage with more people, for a longer time, in a more direct and personal way. The world of events is no longer black or white. No longer yes or no. By using your events as an opportunity to produce online content in a very efficient way, you can create more engagement with both your live and your online audience. To do so we offer several product and services, such as: Live online TV, hosting & moderation, live-streaming, marketing & social media support, Facebook live-streaming, as well as speakers & trainers.

The values of LiveOnlineEvents
What we find important in our work:

  • working with us is a fun experience, for clients, partners and participants alike
  • we have an innovative and creative approach to our clients’ challenges
  • we stand side-by-side with our clients, think pro-active and focus on solutions
  • the event and the tools are a means to an end, we always look beyond the horizon