Increase your reach: ESOT online hubs China and Stanford

Actively take part without travel

What if the audience you want to get involved in your congress is at the other side of the world? And what if your speakers are far, far away? At the ESOT 2019 project (find the full business case here) both questions were asked, and we answered them both. On the same day.

Tuesday september 16, morning in Copenhagen, afternoon in China
Industry sponsor Roche organised meetups for medical doctors and doctors in training in 4 different Chinese cities. From Copenhagen we linked them together with a telefonferencing application so they could watch a live congress session together. After the session it got even more interesting: exclusively for our Chinese audience we organised a live Q&A with 2 celebrity scientists from that session so they could have an active conversation with their audience at the other side of the world

Tuesday september 16, evening in Copenhagen, morning in Stanford, CA
Together with the Stanford university ESOT organised a session taking place in 2 cities at once. In Copenhagen we had the ESOT president on stage with a number of guest speakers and in Stanford there was transplant superstar Randall Morris, who invited his own speakers, one of them was in Washington DC. And both in Copenhagen and Stanford there was a live audience! Each speaker spoke to a live audience and a camera and of course people in Copenhagen could ask questions to Stanford and vice versa. Thanks to a great cooperation between our team in Copenhagen and the technical team in Stanford the evening went without a hitch.

“I received several emails from persons at the session in Copenhagen, emails from the presenters, and even one email from a person who watched the event on a plane on youtube while flying over Iceland (how was he able to do that??!!). All responses were very positive. One of the presenters wrote me: “I thought it would be boring for me, but I loved it.”

Prof. Randall Morris

Client: European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT)

Location: Kopenhagen/ Beijing/ Guangzhou/ Wuhan/ Zhengzhou / Stanford, CA

Live online TV broadcast on our own streaming platform
Youtube Livestream
Host and Interviewer Gerrit Heijkoop
Multi city hub
Hybrid event within a hybrid event

Roche China
Stanford University


Impact: Exposure for the sponsor in 4 major medical centers in China, online Q&A with celebrity scientists, meeting in 2 cities simultaneously.