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When Jacomina Eijkelboom walked, swam and cycled from London to Paris in the fastest time ever, we at LiveOnlineEvents were thrilled. And with reason: not only is LiveOnlineEvents a sponsor of triathlon club UHTT, both Gerdie Schreuders and Gerrit Heijkoop are avid runners / cyclists / swimmers.

Streaming with passion

So we immedialely invited Jacomina to do a virtual cool down with us in a livestream, simply because we thought it was such an incredible achievement. At the place of her personal physiotherapist, Jacomina and Gerrit cycled through the entire adventure and the entire conversation was broadcast live on Youtube and Facebook. The online audience was able to ask questions via Social Media and did so with enthusiasm.

And if you think that 140km running, swimming across the Channel and then cycling 290km fietsen is an amazing performance? In 2020 she is planning on participating in the TransAmTri a expedition of swimming 50km, cycling 5,000km and then run for 500km from coast to coast in the USA. Follow her on Facebook or at .

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Location: VeloFit Fysiotherapie, Sportmassage & Fitness

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