The Walking Dead Livestream

Reach as many Walking Dead-fans with a livestream

Fox Nederland called us: The Walking Dead producer Denise Huth and star actor Seth Gilliam are coming to the Netherlands, can you produce an online Q&A so the Dutch audience can ask them questions? They will be here in 10 days. Of course we said yes! In 10 days time we helped developing the concept and planned our production. Also, we were the first company in the Netherlands to set up a professional Instagram Live stream, officially that isn’t possible yet.

The result was accordingly: 1,500 online questions, over 600,000 fans reached and besides that, a good internal showcase within the worldwide Fox network.

“Working with you was so pleasant: FOX and LOE are a great match”

Michelle Matse – Fox Nederland

Fox Nederland

Ink Hotel, Amsterdam

Instagram live stream, later edited for IGTV
Facebook live stream
4k content for Social Media

Tames Media, Geocast

€ 7.500 – € 15.000

1.500 online questions, over 600.000 fans reached.