Meeting Design and chairman of the day Secretary Congress

Let the secretaries of Delft University discover what they can do by themselves to be future proof.

Meeting design is about so much more than scheduling speakers in the right order. Good meeting design gets people in motion. And that was exactly what Secretaresse Netwerk van de TU Delft (ZieSO) had in mind. Because the profession as we know it will change. For that reason, ZieSO decided to organize a real congress to talk about their trade and to advertise the internal training possibilities that Delft university has to offer.

Gerrit Heijkoop, in cocreation with the ZieSO board, designed a day that made the participants open their eyes, think about their own future and what they can do themselves to keep functioning in their changing environment. We have tried to reach the participants on all levels: by making videos with the professors of the future (today’s students!), by organising a tasting of trainings, by getting them out of their chairs literally, by having moments of reflection with music played by our own Sybren van Doesum, and….by scheduling the right speakers in the right order.

Thanks to your meeting design, your vigour and your flamboyant chairmanship we made this happen!

Minke van der Put – TU Delft

Opdrachtgever: ZieSO Secretaresse Netwerk TU Delft

Locatie: Aula, Delft University of Technology

Meeting Design
chairman of the day
Speakers & Trainers
Online Video & Vlogs
After movie
Live Music

Partners: Tames Media, Oakfield Media, Van Toeten en Blazen

Budgetindicatie: € 5.000 – €10.000

Impact: Een nieuw gezicht voor ZieSO, 300 nieuwe ambassadeurs voor het beroep van secretaresse