113 Zero Suicide Conference

Being a healthcare professional, it is extremely powerful when you say to yourself: I will not accept that there are patients that can’t be saved. I will not give up. That is the basic idea behind the Zero Suicide Movement, an idea that is gaining ground among (mental)healthcare professionals.

This year the Dutch foundation 113 Suicide Prevention hosted the bi-annual conference inviting 100 experts from over 20 countries and working together on the ‘Zero Suicide Declaration 2.0’. LiveOnlineEvents made several contributions; not only in the form of video productions but Gerrit Heijkoop also designed and led an inspirational session on ‘Engaging the rest of the world’.

Be. Brands and Events / 113 Suicide Prevention

Maastoren, Rotterdam

Social Media & Marketing
Speakers & Trainers
Online Video & Vlogs
Multi camera registration
Light design

Tames Media

€ 20.000 – € 35.000


  • Inspirational session: how to engage the rest in the world in the Zero Suicide approach
  • Multi camera registration of the keynotes and pitches
  • 7 video’s with the keynotespeakers telling what the essence of their speech is
  • 2 video reports of the conference, the report of day one was shown on the morning of day 2.