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Plant (thousand billion!) trees to compensate our CO2 emissions. That’s the goal that Felix Finkbeiner set when he was just 9 years old. Now – a little over 10 years later, he is well underway. Not only did he build an organisation that has already planted over 15 billion trees, but has also educated millions of school children about the importance of trees to our earth. Thanks to influential supporters like Harrison Ford,  Prince Albert of Monaco and with a tiny little help from Live Online Events.
In March 2018, Prince Albert, a group of business/political/religious leaders and many, many Plant for the Planet youth ambassadors came together in Monaco to sign the Trillion Tree Declaration. LiveOnlineEvents trained a group of these ambassadors to make vlogs for the online commity and we made the event hybrid, livestreaming the plenary show and interviewing guests in our studio during the workshop rounds. And most importantly: we let the youth ambassadors report live from the workshops using their own smartphones. Because at Plant for the Planet it is just as important to educate the youth as it is to plant trees.

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Plant for the Planet has planted 5.000 trees in our name.

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5.000 people shared the life stream. There’s nothing to add. 5.000 shares. Wow. We love your work, full of inspiration and warmth. The viewers of the life stream definitely noticed, that this is not only a job for you. It isn’t just any voluntery work. But you’re commited with your whole heart. Thank you so much!