25 years Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences celebrates it’s 25 years anniversary in August 2018. The event will be organised for and with colleagues. We interviewed employees who facilitate a workshop during the afternoon of the anniversary event. Question to us; show the large variety of workshop in a lean, mean and modern way. The videos are being used to make people enthusiastic for a specific workshop. The execution: interviewing 16 people in two days with a mobile phone camera with a basic creative concept offering everyone the space to fill with own ideas. Editing two days. Videos ready for publishing on Facebook within four days.  See how they read toes, tell stories, make music and create student start-ups!

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

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Pals Productions

€ 2.500,00

16 interviews filmed in 2 days, edited in 4 days and ready to publish in a Facebook Group

Thanks a lot for the catchy videos to promote our anniversary event.
Can I have a proposal for the after-movies as well?