Interreg Webinar Training 2017

Almost weekly, Interreg Europe organises webinars for local authorities looking for project partners, knowledge and financing for their European regional projects. In their own studio at Headquarters, their own staff host webinars on how to successfully submit their projects. To improve the webinar hosting skills of these experts we tailored a 2-day course with lots of practical excercises about designing, presenting and moderating webinars.

Interreg Europe

Interreg Hoofdkantoor, Lille

Sprekers & Trainers

€ 5.000 – € 10.000

Every participant took a step beyond his comfort zone and challenged himself by speaking in front of a camera, thinking about clothing and make-up, designing the right structure, interaction moments and Powerpoint presentation for webinars. All from the perspective of the online participant. Our participants learned how to cut difficult subjects into separate subchapters and present them in an accessible and friendly manner. The average rating for these days was 9 out of 10.