Webinar Solarparks from A to Z

The “Hier Opgewekt” foundation and grid operators Liander, Stedin and Fudura wanted to reach more consumer energy collectives. We organised a live webinar, during their yearly flagship event ‘Hier Opgewekt’. The structure of the webinar was based on a decision tree. Each speaker covered a separate step to consider, such as requesting different subsidies. Both online as live participants could ask questions via a dedicated mobile app. The edited material is used for energy collectives that are looking for specific knowledge around the topic.


Fokker Terminal, The Hague

Live online TV broadcast
Online host & moderators
Online video
Social Media reporting

PINO events

€ 15.000 – € 20.000

doubled the amount of participants
80 questions asked
average viewing time of 44 minutes

LOE was sharp in the production process, very experienced during the webinar itself and always kept an eye on our objectives. This generated much more attention for our subject during the day and great recordings which we are still using everyday!

Liander wanted to experiment with a webinar for clients. Thanks to the professional work of LOE this turned out to be a very successful experience! A high reach amongst clients and many enthusiastic responses from colleagues.